www.TigoPesa.com – Tigo Pesa Tanzania Website – Login and Register

www.TigoPesa.com – Tigo Pesa Tanzania Website – Login and Register , (Reviews) , Phone Number , Email Address , Customer Care and other contact details.

www.TigoPesa.com - Tigo Pesa Tanzania Website - Login and Register


For a while now I have used this app and I must say that I’ve enjoyed its ui/ux…so kudos to developers for this. The only bone that I have to pick is that the app isnt optimized well enough for less capable devices (midrange android decices). I’ve recently used this app on my techno device and I’ve observed that it lags a lot (especially when entering a pin to finalize a transaction). I’ve observed similar issues from other aforementioned devices and I hope this problem will be fixed soon.

Summary: www.TigoPesa.com – Tigo Pesa Tanzania Website – Login and Register

With the Tigo Pesa App you can now access your Tigo Pesa wallet conveniently and securely perform all your transactions much faster and easier than ever before.

• New look and feel – beautiful, easy to use and secure
• Available in both English and Kiswahili
• Check Balance for FREE!
• Access your wallet from any data network, from anywhere in the world
• Choose contacts from your phonebook when you need to send money, or Top Up Airtime
• Send money to other Networks (with name confirmation), and Banks/Financial Institutions in Tanzania
• Save all your regular Bill Payments and Bank Transfers to personal favorites for quick and easy access
• Government Payments – with capability of paying via QR code provided by the billing institution or by entry of Control Number.
• Transaction Reversal – where users can initiate reversal, for wrong transactions sent within the Tigo Network
• View all your activities performed on the app with ease in My Activities
• Easily register or de-register your devices and have access to your wallet from multiple devices
• Buy Tigo Bundles for Self or for others
• See all your Airtime & Bundle balances (including validity period) in one place
• Perform all transactions securely using your Tigo Pesa PIN
• Masterpass QR – Scan & Pay merchants
• Send money as a Voucher to receivers who don’t have wallets, or to bear the Cash Out charges

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