www.Fundall.com – Fund All Website – Login and Register (Reviews)

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www.Fundall.com - Fund All Website - Login and Register (Reviews)


I have not been able to make any transaction on the app aside that i fund my chest balance. Any transaction i tried to make na so so Route not found is the error message i do get.. Fix my account ooo. Ahhh my money ooooo!!!

The app is really cool. It has really helped me during this era. I have access to my savings through portfolio line of credit. I also have unlimited access to my emergency savings. The bonus and badges is a cool feature. Thumps up to the Fundall team.

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Summary: www.Fundall.com – Fund All Website – Login and Register (Reviews)

Fundall is a personalized digital financial platform that makes managing and growing your money simple, safe and secure. We partner with you to build wealth & grow your business through sound financial decisions & tools customized to your lifestyle.

We give you a debit card accepted nationwide that helps you spend money wisely and tracks all your spending in line with your budget. Now, you don’t just spend money, you tell your money where exactly you want it to be. We also give you the option of presetting automatic savings and investment every time you spend.

On the Fundall app and web dashboard, you get access to save and invest your money safely and securely, send and request money from friends and family, pay bills, buy airtime, budget your money effectively, borrow instant loans without collateral, learn about your finance, etc.

Send And Receive Money From Friends

The best way to transfer and receive money online is through Fundall. As long as you have at least one of the recipient’s email address, phone number, bank account or Fundall Chest Number, sending or requesting money is very easy with Fundall.

Save, Plan, Invest

Fundall Savings and Investment helps you to save towards your personal and business goals while you earn one of the highest available interest rates on the market.*

Business Savings

As a side hustler, entrepreneur or even looking to start a business, you can set up automatic savings while we help you calculate the amount you need to get your dream started.

Personal Savings

You can start setting money aside automatically or as you find it for education, vacations, etc. Fundall helps you invest your savings in a secure portfolio that yields good interest.

Cooperative Savings

This feature helps you save as a group and get access to peer-to-peer loans by withdrawing in cycles and getting paid monthly interests.

Retirement Savings

We help you estimate how much you’d need to set aside for your dream retirement and also how you can start saving towards it in a more relaxed and customized way.

High Returns on your Investment

Earn up to 15% annual interest on your cash savings – 5x more than the average bank returns, get advice on how to manage your savings and automate your investments at a low cost. No fees, zero charges, and unlimited plans

Buy Airtime, Groceries,… Pay Bills, all while tracking

You can buy airtime, pay electricity, waste management bills, flight tickets, renew cable TV and internet subscriptions, as you will fulfill your budget and track all your expenditure with our expenditure categories.

Your money is safe with Fundall

Your Savings and investments are held in Trust with Emerging Africa Capital Trustees (EAC Trustees Ltd.) which is regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and we use a PCI DSS compliant payment partner to secure all your transactions.

Borrow quickly & easily

Get access to personal and business loans. Get loans against your locked-in investments and long term securitized assets (No application, no credit check, and you get the cash you need without selling investments). It is a fast, easy and convenient way to access cash. Maximum APR is 13% depending on loans.

Why Fundall Loans

✓ No paperwork, collateral needed
✓ Use your money the way you want to — for home or business
✓ No late charges or rollover fees
✓ Get access to bigger loans, lower fees, and flexible payment terms as you repay
✓ Loans are approved and in your account fast

Privacy Policy: https://fundall.io/privacy
Terms and Conditions: https://fundall.io/terms-of-use

We collect contact data in order to ease the transaction process between members of the platform, especially acquaintances. This can be disabled at any time. Please see our privacy policy for more information.