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Your services is superb, but the issue I have is, POS transactions didn’t drop in the wallet until the next day. Most of us in POS business recycle our fund, but the cash dropping into the wallet the next day affects business and it’s just as if you are encouraging us to use other platforms that allow recycling. Please kindly adjust on this as soon as possible please.

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PayAttitude Premium is a single mobile app that welcomes you to a world of convenience of linking multiple accounts in different banks for remote/distant transactions.
The app grants you 24/7 access to a wide variety of transaction types directly from your mobile phone wherever you are.

• Link accounts in different banks
• Pay on the WEB and ATM securely with phone number
• Withdraw from the ATM using phone number
• Withdraw and Pay through 3rd party securely
• Funds transfer
• Airtime top-up
• Bills payment
• Account Statements
• Enables the addition of beneficiaries directly from phone book for airtime top-up
• Save beneficiary details for future transactions

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Bank transfer and bill payments as never been easier with this app. What I love most abt the app is I no longer carry my ATM card around as I have all my bank accounts linked to the app and I can I withdraw from any of my accounts at anytime thru the ATM. A big kudos to payattitude for this brilliant innovation. But please increase the daily limit. The current limit is rather too small

very convenient as I could link all my bank accounts here and transact with no cards from any account of my choice. My children who are in the universities could send requests for payments when they need unscheduled daddy’s cash. It is very handy and protective in the wake of this covid-19 as I enter PIN on my mobile, not touching the PoS terminal, when shopping or transacting!